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Monday, May 10, 2010

We found our first recipient!

When I asked if anyone knows someone who needs The Magic Quilt, Amanda from What's For Dinner sent me this email:

I know someone who needs it... I'm crying just thinking about him and this blanket. His name is Bro. Tolman.

He and his wife have very special spirits, with faith beyond anyone I have ever met before. They are people in a realm somewhere between heaven and earth--amazing beyond words.

Bro. Tolman is suffering with cancer. He discovered last fall that he has a tumor in his liver---the size of a softball--- and, due to the size and placement, he has not been a candidate for any treatments or surgery other than chemo.

Each month during Fast & Testimony meeting he has an inspiring, faith-filled testimony to share about the love of Jesus Christ and the blessings in his life. Last week he gave his testimony, and although he was very faithful, I was brought to tears hearing him say the Lord has not removed the cancer from him. He continues to take chemo and he's grateful that he can still work and carry on with life.

This man loves children!
Any time my kids were at his house, as soon as we walked through the door he would grab toys, hit the floor and start playing with them. He is just such a special individual and I'm so saddened by the thought of him dying, of his poor wife who has been with him since they were teenagers, of his four strong and talented boys, and of the many grandchildren who will not know how truly special their grandfather is.

I think Bro. Tolman would be greatly touched by the gift of the Magic Quilt, the stories that go with it and the love that was put into it. He is one who will appreciate it's comfort. I could go on and on with stories about this man...

Here is the blog his daughter-in-law set up to keep everyone can read about his journey since January.

After Amanda told his wife about The Magic Quilt here is what she said:

I don't even know what to say. I think this will be such a comfort when he becomes bedridden. He has been so upbeat, but I know there will be dark moments. Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness.

Brother Tolman lives in Silver Springs, Maryland and I am sending the quilt to Amanda, who will present it to Bro. Tolman.

I am so excited for this quilt to go out and work some magic! Along with the quilt, I'm including my favorite Mozart CD. (YAY for Mozart!), as well as a book of all The Magic Quilt stories. Amanda will take photographic evidence of Bro. Tolman receiving The Magic Quilt package.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Kritta is making the Magic Quilt #2 out of the same fabric as quilt #1.

We need to start gathering fabric and stories for The Magic Quilt #3, which is going to be made in Ideeho by Springrose. (Wixom Zoo is in her ward so I bet she'll help too.) When they finish the quilt I'm going to blog across Ideeho to get a photo with them and the quilt.

Please send stories and photos of your fabric to my email address:

And I'm making the Magic Quilt #4, which will be a t-shirt quilt. (I'll explain details later) Cubworld is our first donor. He is even coming over to my house to drop off a signed t-shirt. (YAY!) I've got other inspiring donors in the works (TBA).


Heidi Ashworth said...

What you are doing here is very special. Hugs!

T said...

sweaty eyes again... thanks.