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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Johnson give-oh-give-away

Last month I took my Laurels to the singles ward. They didn't love looking that far forward, but I loved looking that far back. Young people are so darn fresh and optimistic. In sacrament meeting the speaker quoted from Elder Uchtdorf's last conference talk, You Are My Hands where he referenced a statue of Christ which was severely damaged during a World War II bombing. Most of the statue has been restored, but the hands remain missing so the people of the city added on the base of the statue these words: “You are my hands.”

The speaker quoted Uchtdorf saying, "When I think of the Savior, I often picture Him with hands outstretched; reaching out to comfort, heal, bless, and love."

In Relief Society the teacher drew a hand on the chalkboard and explained that the hand is only as good as it's working fingers, and then she said that we are all the fingers on the hands of the Lord and as we work together we can reach out to heal, comfort, bless and love.

Ain't that just the truth. Especially when it comes to quilting. Many hands make many quilts.

And many quilts make many magic.

Or something like that.

You get my drift.

Soooooo, the first magic quilt is on the road. WOOHOO!

In other words, it's traveling, which is exactly what magic quilts do. The more they travel, the more magic they generate.

First it went to April from Springrose Journals, who is making the next magic quilt, and now it's on it's way to our first official recipient, Stan in Washington D.C.

Photographic evidence coming soon.

Kritta, who made the 1st quilt, has enough leftover fabric to make a 2nd magic quilt. Springrose will make a 3rd magic quilt and, I, the Crash Test Dummy, am making a magic t-shirt quilt.

But I need more fabric and t-shirts nd inspirational stories to keep healing the world, which is why I'm having a Jack Johnson give-away. (I'm not actually giving Jack Johnson away, just two tickets to his concert in Salt Lake City on August 13th.)

I chose Jack Johnson because everyone knows he's my favorite Hawaii surf-dude-turned-rock-star from Kahuku high school.

Plus I have photographic evidence of him with his arm around me.

Have I ever showed you that picture?

Oh yeah, we're tight.

I also chose Jack Johnson because he is big on reducing, reusing and recycling. I'm not that good at reducing, but reusing and recycling fabric for healing quilts is right up my alley.

So here's how to enter the give-away:

Put the magic quilt button on your sidebar and you get one entry.

Mention the magic quilt project and Jack Johnson give-away in a post and you get one entry.

Become a follower, one entry.

Contribute fabric or a signed t-shirt for the next quilts and get three entries.

Contribute an inspirational story and get three entries.

Make sure you post a comment letting me know which of these things you've done. I will check up on you. Don't think I won't.

Deadline for the give-away is July 31st. All entries will be placed in a hat and the winner will be drawn and announced on August 1st.

If you send a t-shirt, please sign your name in permanent marker somewhere near the middle. Also, please chose a t-shirt that you've worn and that represents you somehow.

All inspirational stories will be published here on The Magic Quilt blog and will also be eligible to be published in the first Sisterhood of the Magic Traveling Quilt book.

Fabric donations are more meaningful if they are meaningful. You get me? In other words, if the fabric somehow represents you or your story. For instance I recently bought swatches of bright Hawaiian fabric from Walmart and sent them to Springrose.

They didn't cost much.

The fabric can also be scraps of fabric you've had for years or fabric you wanted to make a quilt into a quilt someday. Tauna, from The Egan Garden donated this fabric and these quilt blocks she's been making (with love) over the years.

T-shirts would be great too. Cubworld already donated the shirt off his back.

Okay, it's time to get started. Let's put our fingers together. Get it? fingers?

hee hee

But seriously, please help me (and Jack Johnson) spread the magic!

Much Mahalo!


nevadanista said...

What a fabulous picture with Jack! I've never seen it before ;-)

Will be back later to figure out the button thing, but I think I might have to pass on my entry to someone who can be in SL Aug 13th... maybe April?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I love the new lay out. I will look to all these assignments, but I am not sure how many I can do because I am on vacation after all.

T said...

working on it... really... I need to go raid my t-shirt stash to see if there's something that just screams "ME"

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

OK I added the button and I am already following, so I hope that will count.

Amanda said...

cute button! I had the old button on my blogs so I've updated with the new button on my food and personal blogs. I'm already a follower :)

I will have a write-up on my blog when the quilt arrives (although i don't think I can make the quilt sparkle quite like you do).

If I win the tickets, I'm hoping to convince my husband to let me leave on a jet plane! I sure love JJ and tickets to Utah are cheaper than Hawaii.

Sandi said...

Am I entered if I did all that stuff way back in the beginning or are we starting all over again?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness, YES, Sandi, and gee wiz, it looks like you all have a pretty good shot at this. ;)

Amanda said...

OK I have poasted about the magic quilt:

I have 2 buttons (one on each of my blogs)

I'm a follower and I've contributed fabric (if previous efforts are counted).

Thanks!!! I'm heading to facebook to make a broadcast about the quilt, too :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, I'm going to draw the winner now. I'll let you all know ASAP!