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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News Minute

I hope you have some tissue close by because Kritta finished The Magic Quilt and it arrived on my doorstep a few days ago.

My stone-cold heart was pounding and my eyeballs sprung a leak as I opened the package.

It is bee-U-tiful! Thank you Kritta. And thank you everyone who shared their stories and their fabric.

And guess what Kritta did that gave me shivers? She sewed the names of all those who not only donated fabric and shared their stories, but also those who are following this blog.

Like this:

I ran my fingers over each block and thought of each corresponding story.

Here is Andrea's blocks from her Surrounded in Love entry.

And here is Springrose's block from her She loved Me Most entry.

It's right next to Sandi's block from her Safe in His Arms entry.

The following block choked me up most. It's from Anjeny's entry Finding Comfort. It contains extra special magical powers because she actually took it from her mother's favorite skirt. Her entry, and the fact that her mother passed away three or four years ago, made this donation exceptionally powerful to me.

There are so many inspiring stories.

I want MORE! MORE! MORE! Please send more.

Since our first recipient is now in remission (thank goodness), I will start taking nominations for our actual first recipient soon.

Kritta has enough material to make another magic quilt, and I am going to start quilting myself silly too. If anyone out there wants to help sew or donate fabric and share stories, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do! There are plenty of struggling sistahs around us who could use a little magic in their lives.

Speaking of magic, I'm going to leave you with a video I saw posted on LoW's blog yesterday featuring the amazing Nie Nie who is incredibly inspiring. Maybe I can get her to donate a piece of fabric for our next quilt.


Amanda said...

It is so beautiful and touching and comforting and PERFECT!

I know someone who needs it...I'm crying just thinking about him and this blanket. I'll send you an email.

T said...

I'm having some serious issues and need to borrow that stone cold heart of yours k? Man, waterproof mascara is such a lie.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Wow--so surprised to see my name there even though I haven't submitted anything. I have thought about it tho--thanks for the reminder.

Anjeny said...


Crash and Kritta!!! The quilt is soooo beautiful. Kritta, you are one talented lady and Crash, as always, you amaze me.

I can't express in words what I want to say seeing my name on this quilt and the mention of my story. Thank you, Kritta and Crash. I know this quilt is going to definitely brighten up some cancer patient's day.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love that video first of all. I'm going to also post it like every other LDS women I follow! :)

I LOVE that quilt... so beautiful and talented...