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Friday, March 20, 2009

Surrounded in Love

This entry comes from Andrea @ Blogging Mama. I love the generous nature of this entry and the idea of being surrounded in love. Much Mahalo, Andrea. LY!

I actually had a diaper bag in this fabric from a store. And one day I discovered you could buy the fabric so I did. When I was adopting my daughter (aka The Chick) I wanted to make her something but I'm not good at clothes or bibs as it turned out. But I kick butt at curtains and blankets! So I made her a blanket out of the fabric and 19 months later it's her favorite blanket. She must have this blanket first on top of her when she goes to bed then her other blankets. It's kind of special because first is the blanket I made her, then the blanket her Aunt Valerie (my sis) made for her and then the blanket my MIL made for her. She's basically all wrapped up in love. Ahh (I know that may have been over the top!)

I bought this fabric to make a quilt square for Chick's 100 Good Wishes Quilt which is a Chinese tradition where you ask friends and family to send a quilt square and a note offering good wishes for a new baby. Well, technically (if you want to get political) she's Taiwanese. But her heritage is Han Chinese. We got so many quilt squares from people all over, people who we mostly only knew online through adoption groups, I never needed to have this filler fabric I bought. I haven't made the quilt yet but one day I will and I hope it will be a treasure for her as she grows older. Again, she was surrounded with love.


Heidi Ashworth said...

It's always so nice to hear an adoption story of an older child that is so successful!

Amanda said...

Andrea, such a sweet story and how nice to know your daughter is so loved!