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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Healing Quilt

The following entry is from Tonya @ You Asked For It. I love this entry! Thanks Tonya.

When I was a little girl, if any of us kids were frightened or ill there was a place of safety-- same as any other kids' place of safety probably--Mom and Dad's bed. Of course, my parents had a pretty good system, if we came in their room we'd get a quilt on the floor near their bed.
This Quilt:

You know, I'm not 100% sure that this is THE only quilt that I snuggled up in on those floor-sleeping nights, but this is the quilt I remember best. I remember being sick and wrapped up in this quilt on the couch; I remember drinking hot jell-o water for an upset stomach and accidentally spilling a little on the quilt; I remember one night huddled in the quilt holding a cold soda against my burning up foot when infection was winning the battle . . .

But most of all I remember fingering the many many fabrics of the double wedding ring design --crafted by my great grandmother when my own mother was married --and my mom telling me stories of where the fabrics came from. If I can recall I think there were pieces of many fabrics that had also been used for great aunt's dresses and great uncle's suits. It was a great distraction from worry and nausea because my mom loves to tell stories about her family, and they never stopped at the fabrics!

Speaking of fabrics . . . our quilt is still around, but not exactly in great shape. The photo shows that it's a little faded, but you can't really see that there's more stuffing poking out than being held in by the quilting so I'll be sending some alternate fabric, something given to me by my grandmother because I'm being groomed for the "She Who Dies With The Most Fabric Wins" club... it's a family tradition!


T said...

I really should have posted a photo of the fabric I'm sending... but my craft room is still buried under the construction rubble!

and not to be picky - because hey, it's my own fault that nobody knows my name, but it's Tonya - with a Y... but just so we can all get along we'll blame it on my mother, she won't mind :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

That is a beautiful story, Tonya. With an even better concept of having that special blankie to keep us all warm.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story just shows the power of a quilt/blanket can give.

I have linked you on my blog.

SWIRL said...

aw.. wonderful story

kd said...

That's so sweet! I was wondering if I may use this pic for my blog, I'm just starting it, and I love the quilt using so many different pieces of fabric to create one beautiful piece of art! Would you mind? I can link it back here (if you tell me how!)