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Friday, September 24, 2010


I've been reading Lila's blog with updates on Stan today, and sweet Springrose wrote a beautiful comment of comfort in reply to yesterday's post. You must go read it.

Springrose is making two magic quilts, one for a child and one for an adult. The child is a four year old girl in her ward who was diagnosed with stage 4 spinal cancer last night.

Let us all keep her family in our prayers. What devastating news.

She immediately started on the quilt and will finish it and deliver it to the hospital today.

I stand all amazed.

I love this magic quilt project and feel so grateful for all of you who have donated fabric, time, stories and support to it. I can feel the comfort growing and I hope someday it will bring comfort to many many many more.


LY everyone!


P.S There are more stories on the way.

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