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Friday, February 6, 2009

Our First Recipient of the Magic Quilt

Meet Marjorie.

I like to call here Marjie. She looks like a Marjie to me, don't you think?

Marjie is Pat's mother. Her granddaughter, Susan (Funny Farmer's beautiful daughter) sent me a few photos of Marjie and told me a little bit about her so we could all get to know the first recipient. Now that I see her I want to work even faster and harder to get this magic quilt finished so she can be healed by the hands of love.

BTW, to give you some idea of how committed I am to this project, I just bowed out (gracefully, of course) of my Spring class so I can focus on getting this quilt/book finished.

Bring on the magic fabric!

Sandi asked if she could send non-magic fabric and I say YES! Non magic fabric becomes magic when sent by a caring hand.

If you don't have an inspirational story and fabric swatch, please share a brief account of a time someone did something to comfort you when you needed it most.

Okay, back to Marjie!

Marjorie is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.

She is very good at sewing, cross stitching, and darning lace! She is very talented at making crafts of all types.

Marjorie uplifts those around her and each of her family members are honored to be related!

She has eight children, six of which are married and have kids. Her husband is a wonderful man who only magnifies Marjorie's splendid personality.

Marjorie is very kind and gentle in nature. She is very maternal, and is loving to all of her children and grandchildren. She is full of faith and hope, which warms the hearts of all around her.

Marj is currently fighting breast cancer.
--Susan, Marjie's Grandaughter


Heidi Ashworth said...

This is all very exciting!

Susan said...

This quilt is a great idea! Marjorie made me a quilt for my birtday last year and I love it to pieces! There's just something special about them, don't you think?

April said...

I love it! I will get my fabric in the mail! I will search tomorrow.

Kritta22 said...

Oh bring on the fabric, GIRLS!! We need to wrap this lady in love!!

Sandi said...

Do you want donations for the other supplies involved in making this?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Susan, what a beautiful tribute to your grandma. I love you to pieces also.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I would also add that she is always doing for others. She has worked in the temple children's center for several years. She has been a Stake Primary president and on a Stake RS presidency. She was the ward primary president just 5 weeks after giving birth to her 5th child and that was back in the day of primary during the middle of the week. She is always busy cricheting leper bandages for the humanitarian center and has recently gotten into indexing which she loves because she can still do it while going through her chemo treatments. I could go on and on for hours.

Amie Earl said...

Hello I am Amie also a daughter of Marjorie, thankfully I was taught how to serve everyone at young age. She is also a great member missionary as well. I am with nutty hamster chick as well could go on hours

OldBoatGuy said...

Marjorie IS a very special person. Her and Norm shares their special son with my daughter. You are always in my prayers, Marge.

sples....special please, get well